3Strands/Break Free
Human trafficking is everywhere and affects cities and towns all over the world. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, gender, or religion. This fast-growing global enterprise, driven by force, fraud and coercion, continues to thrive because it generates enormous profits. At times, it can be challenging to imagine a world free from human trafficking.Human trafficking can only be stopped if a global community takes a stand and commits to DO SOMETHING. We all have a responsibility to help put an end to this crime and together we can make a difference.

The El Dorado Hills Chapter of NCL is doing something about human trafficking.  We are standing up as a group and saying “No” to human trafficking.  Through education and engagement, we are empowering our moms and daughters to combat human trafficking.  Our moms and daughters have been educated through the 3Strands/Break Free awareness program and have a deeper understanding and recognition of the issue at hand.  Subject matter included warning signs, dangers, hope and action being taken to eradicate human trafficking.  Together, we are creating a generation less susceptible to victimization.

Our chapter has also engaged with 3Strands/Break Free for the annual race in September.  Together, we volunteered more than 250 hours in partnering with 3Strands/Break Free.  Our chapter has also supported the employment piece of 3Strands/Break Free by selling and purchasing the bracelets made by victims.

Human trafficking is NOT OK.

We completed approximately 256 service hours as a group by participating in the Break Free Folsom face on September 26th.  Thank you to all who helped stuff bags, hand out race bibs, work the course and run!

Thank you to all who have purchased the 3Strands stylish and fun bracelets!