About Our Chapter

The El Dorado Hills Chapter is an affiliated Chapter of National Charity League, Inc. and is the 201st chapter of NCL, Inc.  In January 2015, a local EDH mom, Paula Allison, decided to see if there was any interest from her friends in forming an NCL, Inc. Chapter. Within a few weeks, we had a small group of moms/daughters that were committed to bringing a local Chapter of NCL, Inc. to El Dorado Hills.  A true “grassroots” effort, we met in small groups at the Nugget Market and in private homes to get people on board.

Our formation meeting took place at the El Dorado Hills Library in March, which began our partnership with the Library as they became our first philanthropy partner.  By May of 2015, we had 120 moms and daughters energized and excited to be part of this special organization.

The fact that we were able to recruit so many moms and daughters in such a short time is a testament to the amazing community in which we live.  The moms and daughters were “all-in” and ready to roll up their sleeves and experience the joy that comes from serving others.  We have chosen to focus much of our efforts in local philanthropies and are making a difference here in El Dorado Hills and the surrounding areas, all while learning and growing together.

In addition to serving the community, we are developing strong women leaders who will impact their communities for generations.  The moms lead by example and every mom and daughter takes a leadership role in the organization.  This is true teamwork.

The El Dorado Hills Chapter of NCL, Inc. has provided an opportunity for moms and daughters to work together side-by-side and bond together through philanthropy, leadership and culture. We look forward to impacting our communities and our families for generations to come.
NCL group

Our Mission:

The Mission of the National Charity League, Inc. is to foster mother-daughter relationships in a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences.

Our Vision:

It’s a bold Vision, but one that can be realized if everyone involved works together.

Membership in NCL, Inc. gives mothers and daughters unique opportunities to strengthen their bond while growing together, sharing of themselves and improving their communities. Ours is the only National organization committed to fostering the mother daughter relationship through philanthropic, leadership and cultural activities together and in peer groups.